You are invited to step in to the quiet forest

forest1A place where all seekers can naturally belong.  The quietforest is a home for the heart, a resting place. A gathering place of universal knowledge and teachings. The quietforest exists within us as it exits outside of us.  As we can seek to restore our life energy by visiting a peaceful place in nature, so too can we visit that same peaceful  knowing place within.  The quietforest is without labels or limitations, it is a sharing place, an accepting place, perfect by its nature. Wander thequietforest, stay awhile to explore.. for in the forest you will find

circle 2Sunday Gathering:  On selected Sundays throughout the year,  we come together to explore our own unique journeys, to nourish ourselves from different spiritual traditions and wisdoms and to experience a shared stillness.


 Prayers and Blessings:  A simple way of grace to add meaning to our daily life.
Blog:  Thoughts and experiences from thequietforest to inspire, challenge and encourage.

mist path 3Spiritual Mentoring:  Personal companionship and guidance on the pathway.
Funerals & Ceremonies:  Heart crafted ceremonies for life’s many passages.

imagesF9XXP1FSSacred Vigil: Nurturing support at journey’s end for a loving and respectful transition

A whispering from theforest

The night tenderly lays her cloakmoon
Upon the cooling earth
As the bright moon rises
A lone tui calls her evening song
To awaken the star gate
And as if by magic, the first star reveals its light
A peace so deep, so soft cradles my soul|
Warms my heart
I breathe the cool night air and gaze in wonder
Is this how it feels to rest in abiding love,
In the stillness, in the emptiness
There is nothing, there is everything

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